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Open an optometry franchise with Eyeology, utilizing unique revenue streams. Heading with the sharp, clear and farsighted vision of expanding its network of optical stores, we’re inviting franchisees for Eyeology across the United States and Canada. Eyeology gives optical franchisees all the tools and resources they need to be in a position for success and growth in Canada’s $3.24bn market.

Eye care franchise

Eye care is a continuously growing market. According to IBIS World, the industry has an average annual growth of 2.4% and is expected to grow annually by 6.14% by 2025. The market’s largest segment is the segment Spectacle Lenses with a market volume of US$1.36bn in 2022.

Eyeology’s streamlined operations and cutting-edge technology benefit optometry franchise owners who are looking for an investment opportunity with a limited start-up time. Join the Eyeology family by opening an eye care franchise.

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